Sunday, 2 August 2015

OLDHAMMER! etc etc

as normal any exscuse to start a project which forces me to push putty around is almost a no brianer for me soooooo --- oldhammer it isS
Also oddly obscure as well soooooo ---- hobgobs and chaos dwarves it is!

So i have decided to have a mix of the new style assryian chaos dwarves but with old style chaos helms and some armour (agian a idea designed to allow me to push putty im such a hack!) 
But first the hobgobs 
the basic plan is the following units 
a large mixed wpn unit (20+) 
2 smaller skirmish archers units (10+ each which can be deployed as a larger combined unit) 
a unit of sneaky gits (10+) 
a unit of wolf cavalry archers (10+) 
a unit of wolf cavalry heavy (10+)
maybe a unit of Bodyguards (elites) 
maybe 3 chariots
maybe 3 bolt throwers 
maybe do too units of basic infantry one with hand weapons and one with spears

Detachment leaders 

The Central figure is the overall "General" and beside him are his 2 of his squad leaders (shown by the slightly better Armour)  

Archer skirmishers

 Spear line infantry 

Sneaky gits

Command group for one of the units 

The unfinished horde! 

Any comments please leave below 

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