Sunday, 14 June 2015

Magnus the traitor list for warmahordes

Hello all anybody who knows me even a little bit knows i CANNOT own a bunch of minis withpout converting them mainly due to OCDlike manias

so ive dabbled with Warmachine over the years and ive come to terms with the "rule of 3"
which states that becuase of the wildly powerfull and hugely varied list of possible options and ways to play, from time to time (roughly every 3-4 games hence the name) you will put a force down and it will just get sh%$*ed on and there is no purposeful way that you could change the result, basicly the force mix just completely overpowers yours.
For some games that's just awfull (from what i hear latest eldar for example) and will suck the life out of your will to play, but in warmahordes because the small size of the relative forces and the fact that you will do a rule of 3 to some other player regularly it actually bizarrely becomes a good thing (because of the possible variety at least) and its perfect for a putty pusher like me because the deep involved backstory as well means i get to convert stuff   --- "manic grin and double thumbs up!"

ok Magnus the triator is a Cygnarite general who supported the previous unpopular king of the faction who fled and keeps up a guerrilla war against the new king (but also does merc work as well to keep his followers fed and repaired) so between the two he can be found fighting on lots of fronts
and with the release of 2nd edition they also introduced "Tier-lists" which are character army lists that give certain bonuses to perticular warcasters (leaders) if they use certain models in order, these tier lists encourage thematic armies and and also sometimes allow model pairings which fall outside of the normal factions
the magnus list allows him to have either cygnar long gunners or trenchers unit (remains of his followers) and allows him to have Idrian skirmishers (desert dwellers only normally allowable for players of the menoth faction)

so the minis first off the magnus list only allows him to take mercenary warjacks (steam and magic robots from the game setting) but as a merc they would be constantly refitted and reworked and other jacks if defeated would be reconditioned and reworked, so i decided to mix and match the heads on the jacks, add extra armour plates and use a menoth heavy jack (traded to him by the Idrians) and old Cygnar light jack (remains of the force he fled with) and convert them to fit into proxies of 2 merc jacks.

when i paint them i cant remember exactly but background fluff says the "old" cygnar regime used either a lighter or deeper blue than standard cygnar royal blue.
"Mangler" type heavy jack first 

"Talon" type Light jack 

Remodded "Renegade" type jack 

Idrian Skirmishers now
i cant stand to have copy models (especially in skirmisher units)


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