Monday, 24 August 2015


hello all i amonsgt many other things "sculpt toy soldiers" as some of you know
the processes are varied ranging from being sent a picture to copy all the way round to "french dragoons 1809 pattern uniform but yea make them dogs instead of humans"
one of the ways i sculpt is to make stuff i think somebody will buy from me an post either images or the models (im im damm sure they will take them) but sometimes they bounce here are some bouncers

or mezo american toad/frogs for no oldhammer related reason at all -- yea no reason! 

the models are slightly designed to siut old GW slann but also if you wanted fit onto 25mm bases if you wanted to use them as saurus proxies.
they have been given a more serious look as many observations were that they were too "kermitty" and comical.
but please note these have forward faceing eyes not side faceing eyes as many of the old GW ones did they are designed to mix in but could be used instead of as well. 

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