Wednesday, 10 May 2017

New amerkian forces

ok ive been bimbleing along makeing amerkians agian

the other half of the various units are still in storage in dover so im working a little blind

but ive done 9 in full jackets (blue) 9 in grey issue undress/summer issue jackets and of course because i cant resist them 12 more militia

Militia first this will make the total i have made to between 50 and 60 

Full tailed jackets 

all in all im pleased i going to be doing a artillery company next and some marines 

TA Elton   

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Rolls Eyes "typical Flaky artistic type" strikes agian!

hello all ---------------------------------- yea its been over a year since my last post here artistic doldrums and depression strikes agian!!
but neh mind lets move on im in the mood agian!

What sort of mood?

a Flintloque mood!

so those who know me will know that i have moved from one end of the country to the other (kent to rural northen scotland/joccia) so most of my stuff is still in storage back in dover :(

but Hey Ho! neh mind i am resourceful (and i have internet connection)
so with the help of Ebay and the bring and buy table at skelp wargames show i present you my latest unit a 90% finished orcish light infantry Regiment "the 19th Border Rangers" a Joccia/Albion border regiment (hence the token Joccian Large rat)

and yes i could have stripped the white undercoat of them but i was feeling a little lazy
the models are a mix of 54008 62nd foot lt inf, 54010 62nd foot fusileers, 54014 45th foot  line
and the command group is a light inf officer from 54001 105th command, sargeant with (modded polearm) from the 54000 62nd foot command and the cornet blower is my favourite greatcoat wearer the spade bearer from the 54029 albion engineers pack

they are converted slightly below my standard uniform mix (1/3rd greatcoats 1/3rd forage caps/bareheaded 1/3rd full uniform)

the 19th Border Rangers  
Completed = not yet 
No of models =12
Unit Type = orcish light infantary 
Uniform = albion cut flank company uniforms with lime green faceings 
Trews = dark grey Trews
Headgear = stovepipe shako 
Undress = beret (with pom-pom) type forage cap and dark grey greatcoat
Other details =  

models below

TA for know and a merry x-mas 

Friday, 11 September 2015

werewolf jagers

hello all heres something new i do commision work for various people and here are the first 5 (of 12) of some flintloque jagers based on the one of the origional werwolf packs they did

they are known as the "were basil brush" models  --- i like them but the sculpts were done before a lot of the canon was written,
In the fluff the breaking of the empress morgannas power ring caused many creatures who were "magicly assisted"  to lose thier magic the most common examples are that wizards and tribal shamans lost most of thier power (they had a small amount left based on faith rather than magic)
the affect on the Diberian werewolf communities in game was rather than being humans who could transform they became stuck as either were or human without the magic to help the transformation, of course the "humans" were qiuckly overcame and the species now bred true as wolfman hybrids of course this only caused even more problems and racial tension with their traditional canine enemies the ostarian gnolls

so back to the sculpts nice models but with "had a transformation" torn uniform (and no trousers)
so to bring them back into modern canon here they are with uniforms, greatcoats cartridge boxes and most importantly trousers!

pictures officer first and sergeant howling at the moon last

Monday, 24 August 2015


hello all i amonsgt many other things "sculpt toy soldiers" as some of you know
the processes are varied ranging from being sent a picture to copy all the way round to "french dragoons 1809 pattern uniform but yea make them dogs instead of humans"
one of the ways i sculpt is to make stuff i think somebody will buy from me an post either images or the models (im im damm sure they will take them) but sometimes they bounce here are some bouncers

or mezo american toad/frogs for no oldhammer related reason at all -- yea no reason! 

the models are slightly designed to siut old GW slann but also if you wanted fit onto 25mm bases if you wanted to use them as saurus proxies.
they have been given a more serious look as many observations were that they were too "kermitty" and comical.
but please note these have forward faceing eyes not side faceing eyes as many of the old GW ones did they are designed to mix in but could be used instead of as well.