Saturday, 20 December 2014

New Slaughterloo Counters! from Meeple source

Ive not been having the most peachyest of decembers but a bright spot came with the arrival of my order for new Slaughterloo counters from these fine trades-people

Meeple source

the ones i have chosen come from thier "premium resource bits" there are lots of differant shapes and such

So i chose
a bullet for" first fire"
a shield for "on gaurd"
a blood drop for "break points" (and wounds)
a Question mark for "disordered"
a lightning flash for "winning combat"
and a Unhappy smiley for "routing/retreating"

First fire, on gaurd and Othari Racial characteristic marker 

Disordered, winning combat and retreat/rout

Break points and wounds if on a base

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