Friday, 23 January 2015

Grand duchy of Barksburg Finished (but not painted)

YAY!! --- YAY!! 

I have finally finished the Barksburg Line Regiment!

But Not painted them --- :(
im not decided on colour scheme yet the only but i have decided is dark tunics light trews and metallic braid black would work nicely with either gold or silver braid (or even copper)  but i also favour a nice dark brown which means gold braid or bark blue which favours silver ---- or i might do black with purple faceings and gold briad --- i will ponder

Note i have done 24 models not 20 becuase i might choose to deploy them as landwher (just becuase the uniforms are fancy it doesn't mean the training is up to much) this sort of mix is why i like the confederation of finklestien, so many possible stories to make

TA Elton


  1. I like the mix of Bicornes and Tricornes.

    You have a very unique group of figures here.


  2. i wanted to go for a slightly oldy worldy feel ie old fashioned ceremonial uniforms