Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Princess Julianna

hello all as normal a sporadic posting with no discernible schedule (story of my life frankly but oy vey!)

right i have recently completed my set of The limited Edition regiment LEU03 the Princess Juliana lovely models these but as normal i can stop myself from converting them its just a compulsion with me.

so onto the models

Command (note i always replace any banner poles with metal rod) 

Various "campiagn bits" greatcoats, covered shakos and forage caps

full unit --- note the chap right hand side 3 from the front hes the last model i have to make a shako for him and then the unit is fully finished 

i really should do a article about my methodology of how i compose and base a unit with both Flintloque and Slaughterloo in mind 


  1. Great looking conversions. I think my favourite is the drummer.


  2. thank you tony im very pleased with the drummer too and another of my faves is the sergeant