Saturday, 7 June 2014

Runties and CP models

hello all i sculpt for several companies around the world but i want to show you guys some models i have done for a company called CP models (which i highly reccomend) its a classic Oldstyle Eclectic mix company, which unfortunately you dont see very often any more basicly they just make lots of differant interesting things in a wide range of scales

one of things i do a lot is "variant" makeing ie another sculptor (often chargeing more than i do) makes a series of models but sometimes they dont/wont/cant do enough models to make up full a varied sqauds (becuase in most cases these models are for wargameing)  so in i step with my ability to match another sculptors style and then make conversions (technical industry name "variants") which incedentaly is how most squad based ranges are made anyway ie a handfull of master sculpts which are cast sent back to the sculptor who then hacks them up and then makes the rest of the squad i have done these for mark dixon at CP and he has given me permission to post premoulding pictures of them so here are the Variant "runties" (space dwarves) i have done i hope when they are out in a few months people like them becuase i want to add the normal range of extra models medics, radio opps, heavy weapons etc

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