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hello all this is slightly variated copy of something i posted on the flintloque forums 

how i create a finklestien state 

the confederation of the rhine/finklestien confederation is whatever you want it to be so you can make up whatever you want (and use whatever you want as troops in either flintloque or slaughterloo  

first off dont assume any fink units can only be used vs the star wriath (russians) or kruatians in real history napoleon used the confederation troops everywhere he needed them for example at badajoz in spain there was a full regiment of saxony troops in thier distinctive yellow uniforms defending the city citadel 

Note the following ferach "legions" are "cross state" ie the legion de nian and the hunvarian legion and are made up of troops from a mix of differant states and eqiupped from ferach central command so are eqipped the way the book says 

here is a very good wiki on the various confederation states 

Confederation of the Rhine - Wikipedia, the free encyclo...
The Confederation of the Rhine (German: Rheinbund; French: États confédérés du Rhin, officially "Confederated States of the Rhine", but in practice Conféd...
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so how to make up a "fink" regiment?
this is how i do it 
create a little back history in your head by answering the following questions 

(1) is it a single race state? you have the chioce of dwarves, dogs or ogres 
please note there are a several fink states that are two small to make up a whole regiment themselves would either produce a smaller type of detachment (artillery, cavalry or lights) or would create a combined regiments in order to fill the troop qoutas given them by mordred 
if you are this can create some interesting mixed units if you like to do conversions like i do 

(2) once you have decided on race this will give you the chioce of what models you use as a base 
bear in mind you are making a unit so you have full choice of all the possible models including models normally on the the allied side  for example the prinz nuefell jagers even though the unit is jagers the tall plumes is a very "fink" look so make good infatary when mixed with the dwarf line unit 52508 krautian kartoffelburg,  
(3) what is the state famous for? good examples are beer, mining, various food stuffs for example salted fish (coastal states obviusly) or sausage or other such quasi germanic sterotypes this will help you biuld a backstory and help you with unit and place names   

(4) choose a colour scheme, i choose a good set of primary colours for example black and white or red and white or forest green and black then you choose a accent colour used for pipeing or cuff edges (as you decide remember its up to you) i once had a unit of fink dwarf uniforms in the purple and black of the state troops from chitty bang bang   

(5) hackles or plumes i mark this seperately becuase they were used for 2 reasons in the napoleonic wars to show "type" of troop to a general when useing his telescope and show which unit was which there is only one rule type that most of the units in the napoleonic army followed some sort of variant of green was used by light troops (often mixed with yellow) but it can be any combination and some sort of red was used for grenadier/gaurd types 

final note it is often worth composeing some units with 24 models so you can use them as "militia qaulity" becuase the fink confederation is such a mix of training qualities units with uniforms which look like they must be "gaurd" quality when it comes to the pinch (ie battle) are bloody useless (ie militia grade)  so you can use them as landwher ------- but remember it is only fair to tell your opponent what unit is whatever grade before the battle starts 

Elton Waters


  1. Thanks for the pointers.

    I'm going to produce a small group of Dwarves in response to this post.


  2. i think i shall do another fink unit too ---- hmmm let me think