Saturday, 7 June 2014

Flintlqoue finkelstien unit building challenge

ok then i have noticed a new surge in fink units being made so i have decided to join in too

heres my one

The Grand Duchy of Barkburg Lieb Battalion

this is in fact a half finished unit (previously unamed also) i had knocking around on my work table 
i have made 10 of the models already which i will show here and then show progress on the remaining 14 and the painting of such models 

traditionaly the way smaller coutries styled thier unfiorms was based on which of the big five neighbours either inspired (or scared) them the most, these were of course england, france austria, prussia or russia in the world of valon russia (the star wriath/diberia) is feared but theres no piont emulateing thier uniform style because the leadership of that country is not going to be swayed by politics or rhetoric they just want to kill you. (luckily the snow and cold is wrapped up in the magic they use or they would have overrun the whole world by now!!) 
so that only leaves The Ferach, Ostaria, Albion and Krautia 

so im useing the Ostarian Dog grenadiers as the basis for this unit im keeping the "ostarian" inspired uniforms but im replaceing the fur busbies with large ornamental tricorns with a distinct single feather hackle

i havnt decided much about barksburg yet except its main export is tourism so its uniforms are more ornamental (the tricorns) which doesnt mean they are poor troops, they are at the very least well drilled fro the displays they used to put on for crowds before the war but im still doing a unit of 24 models so i can deploy them with Landwehr profiles if i wish 

ok heres the pics of the 1st 10 already done 


  1. thank you tony im likeing yours too especially the "fluffed" hackles