Thursday, 8 May 2014

X-spress games canterbury

hello all some of you know that i used to own my own Games shop (Westgate games) which i bought whilst it was on the recessional Downturn and i hoped my enthusiasm (but total lack of real business XP) would allow me to bring it back to its heady glorious heights but due to a combination of
(1) poor stock choices for the area
(2) my total lack of business experience
(3) personal pig headedness about not listening to good advice,
(4) me wasting too much cash of my startup going in
(5) No advertising budget when i needed one
and the final straw Viz a Viz camels back was
(6) that December where 3 of big buying weekends out 4 where snowed out and me making 1/4 of what i should have done that month.
meant i had to declare bankrupt and shut shop

frankly it was a very painful experience because aside from the suppliers i had to let down (with me owing  some of them large sums of money) i felt i had let down my customers and i did various things afterwards to try to help them as much as i could.

so recently there has been a expansion into Canterbury by X-spress games its their 4th store and they have made a very strong effort to to modify their stock to the needs of the much more varied customer base here in Canters, the owner Chris and the manager Craig are very keen to support all forms of local gaming

Why am i even mentioning all this?

Well because i have been a little lost and without a "gaming home" and i and many others have been warmly welcomed in this store, so to this end i am fully endorsing it and saying officially that if you liked my store i recommend you shop here at X-spress games.
especially because of their downstairs gaming room (pictures below)

and below there are a series of pictures of the scenery items i am makeing for their really cool downstairs gaming room.


  1. Great looking scenery.

    Post when you have painted them.


  2. ive got some painted pics coming real soon tony