Thursday, 8 May 2014

Regimentia De bella manacotti

Regimentia De bella manacotti

this is the limited edition unit for the toads (well i got 2 actually so i could get enough models for a full 24 man toad militia regt)
(i always make my toad regiments at 24 man strength so i can deploy them as militia or gaurd)

Regimentia De Bella Manacotti = Toad line/militia

Completed = almost
No of models = 23/24
Unit Type = Small toad Line/Militia
Uniform = white tunics with royal blue Facings and gold epaulettes
Trews = salmon pink
Headgear = unadorned Black Ferach style Shako With yellow rosette and royal blue ostrich feather, white band and sky blue tip Plate
Undress = Bonnet De police and chocolate brown Ferach style greatcoat 
Other details = as i said this is 1 and half boxed sets (the other half went into a unfinished light infantry regiment)

TA Elton 

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