Wednesday, 7 May 2014

9o condettori Alpiora

ok here we have my tuscani light infantry the Alpiora Condettitori the background behind these is the Tuscani (Tuscans real world) wild elves are a slightly rough type of elves who are drafted into Ferach armies but are essentially mercenaries (or condettiere to use the right word) so i use them on which ever side i prefer and they are good light infantry

9o condettori Alpiora = 
Completed = not yet 
No of models =12
Unit Type = wild elf Light Infantry
Uniform = Ferach cut yellow tunics with blood red Facings and white detailing
Trews = light grey Trews
Headgear = front to back white bicorne with black trim and a single red white and black dyed feathers.
Undress = yelllow and black Bonnet De police and light brown ferach style Greatcoat  
Other details = leatherwork in white with mioxed packs and bedrolls 


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