Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Voltiguers etc

ok heres my voltiguers (undercoated only) also for the uniform obsessive i have done them in late pattern post bardin french uniform

first we have models from pack 51020 which are simple head swap, very easy with a remodeled collar and cravat/neckerchief to cover the join and i snipped away the original head detailing (hair etc) and modeled a post berdin forage cap

ok know these are 3 models from pack 51024 with straight head swaps 

ok know whe have 6 of the origional voltiguers with minor modifications notably the horn blower 

and finally the officer and i must admit to being unsure of where hes from one of the dark elf packs i think
hes unmodified other than the tailcoats of his jacket 


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