Friday, 1 August 2014

Grand duchy of barksburg interrupted 2

ok second of the units that has been distracting me

The Kanterburky Loyal volenteers

in england at the time of the Napoleonic wars there were 3 levels of militia each with slightly different "contracts" (based on ancient common laws etc)  the simplest was the various "militias" they were effectively conscripts chosen by electoral rolls but you could opt out in various ways (mostly paying a man to take your place) and most importantly you if asked to cross county boundaries even in war times you had the right to say no (and you couldn't be deployed abroad) and often dependant on county you got a tax break and were allowed to return to help with the harvest

next grade were fencibles and yeomanry (fencibles for foot and yeomanry for cavalry) these were militias who were often volunteers raised (and paid for) at the government's request
often by local notables most importantly these units could serve anywhere in the country but not abroad

the last kind are bands of "loyal volunteers" mostly infantry, (most often lights) these are true privately raised militia often in units of well below full battalion strength.
in fact there is a very good book covering the uniforms of many of the London "loyal volunteer" regiments ----- one of the distinctive features of these regiments is their love affair with the rakish Tarleton helmet

often all three types of militia were proven recruiting grounds for the various county regiments as the poor and young and bored "got a bit of soldiering" and imagined "this was for them" and joined up into the proper regiments

in the world of Valon its slightly different and militia regiments of all kinds get sent abroad all the time

so here are the first 6 of my second orcish militia regiment the kanterburky loyal volunteers based on the 54010 fusiliers i will pack out the uit with more of the 54010 and packs from the 54008 62nd lights


  1. I think the helmets look great. I also like your use of long coats.


  2. if you look over my models i like to have a campaign feel to them so i always have at least 1/4 in greatcoats and another 1/4 in forage caps, just becuase i feel thats more realistic