Friday, 1 August 2014

Grand duchy of barksburg interrupted 1

SIGH ---------- those of you who know me (such as gavin) will know i am easily distracted (like a kittens first time at the international bright lights and coloured string EXPO in fact) so i chop and change what i work on a lot -- infact the barksburg models were started a few years back (i will finish promise) but heres what i have been doing instead

this is a good example of how i like my units to look ie "on campaign" with all the stresses of supply viz a viz uniform etc
i like to get at least 2/5ths of the unit in great coats and another 2/5ths in forage caps (with some of each crossing over into the other group)
why do i do this?
i belive it looks more reaslistic and im blessed with the ability to sculpt my own detail so i can change the models as i like so here is my new (as yet unamed) Ferach imperial guard regiment

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