Sunday, 4 May 2014

Combined Civil militia

ok then lets put up some pictures

I have a great interest in the Both the War of 18 bells and of course its real world counterpoint the War of 1812 --- in europe its a forgotten war when we (europe) were fighting the great Tyrant america took the (rather well founded) excuse of british ships interfering with american shipping as a exscuse to invade and to rewrite the map a little, of course hopeing that britians distraction over napoleon would mean we couldnt swing any resources to help, but by chance and luck Napoleon insanely invaded russia thus pulling pressure of the british so we could send troops and ships to assist.

ok enough history and onto the minis
my first project was a 24 man militia unit (with a extra standard bearer so it could be used on either side)  

Amerkian/Canuckian civil Militia

Big Toad

Elf/Dark elf




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