Sunday, 4 May 2014

Amerkian Forces

ok next we have the first few models of the 7th New ork
note they have the early war uniform with the round felt shako not the later leather "tombstone" shako

first we have the REAL world uniform its near identical to the British uniform of the period but note there is no epaulettes

ok now we have the pictures of the 16th Virginiorcs
becuase of supply issues (america actualy ran out of blue dye) a lot of the later riased late 1812/13 regiments were forced to fight in lighter summer/forage dress which looked like this 

There is very little materiel evidence of what the american forage cap looked like becuase just like the british there were no standing orders for its design and in fact the only piece of evidence is a painting done in 1812 by a visiting russian diplomat Pavel Petrrovich Svinin, he was touring the United States and making watercolor paintings of people and scenes of everyday life. 
One of these paintings was of a steamboat on the Hudson river near West Point. On deck, amoung the passengers, are men in blue uniform coats with epaulettes, evidently military officers. They are wearing a flat, visored cap. Because of the location of the painting, it is likely that they are army officers, probably from the military academy nearby.
if you look at the pair of figures seated near the flag on the ship rail 

TA thanks for looking